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Infertility & stress

Being unable to get pregnant when you want to can be a huge source of stress, anxiety, and depression .One Japanese study found that about 40 percent of women with fertility problems were clinically anxious or depressed before they even started getting treated for infertility.

Most people who cannot get pregnant have an actual physical explanation. But as month after month goes by, feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression often kick in. So even if the physical cause of infertility is treated medically.

In fact, even when physical stress or emotional stress does interfere with your menstrual cycle, stress-induced hormonal changes are usually self-correcting and self-limiting. That means when there is a fertility problem that follows stress; the stress was most likely a trigger for a pre-existing medical condition or predisposition.

Think about it. Women can conceive under the most stressful circumstances if there is no physiological problem. If reproductive systems are as vulnerable to stress as many believe, the human species would have perished long ago. 

6 ways to cope with infertility stress
1. Gather Support 
2. Get Moving
3. Control your thoughts 
4. Distract yourself 
5. Plan the wait 
6. Plan for the movement of truth

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